What is DocsVox and why should I listen?

DocsVox is a podcast designed to share Princeton graduate students’ research with a large audience in a fun and informative way! We play some games and talk about the things that Princeton Ph.D. students think about on a daily basis — it’s a pretty good time. And although the show is designed for people who have no prior knowledge about the topics of discussion, the goal is for every listener to take away something new from each episode.

Who is Allie Wenner?

Hey there, I’m Allie, and I’m a writer for the Princeton Alumni Weekly Magazine and a multimedia journalist with experience in radio and TV broadcasting. I came up with the idea for DocsVox after hanging out with a few of my friends who are graduate students at Princeton. We talk about the things that they work on pretty often because they’re super interesting and fun to think about, but I realized recently that aside from other Princeton graduate students, people in their respective fields, and myself, there aren’t too many other people who know about all of this cool research that’s happening! So I created DocsVox as a way to change that.

Who are the graduate students? And what’s the deal with the Princeton Graduate School?

Generally speaking, guests on the show are students I know and who have expressed interest in coming on — it’s that simple! If you’re a Princeton graduate student and you’d like to be a guest on DocsVox, fill out the form on our website or shoot me an email at allie@docsvoxshow.com. I’m on Twitter too, feel free to slide into my DMs @allie_wenner. I’d love to hear from you!